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Monday/ 183 & Angus/Duval 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Wednesday/183 & Angus/Duval 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Thursday/ 183 & Angus/Duval 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Friday/183 & Angus/ Duval 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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Today's insurance company contracts change frequently.
Insurance panels we currently contract with are:


*Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas*

* Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, out of state *


*Empathia East EAP and Empathia Pacific EAP*

*EAP Consultants, aka, ESPYR*

*Wellspring EAP*

*Cigna*Cigna Behavioral Health*

*Humana*Humana EAP


*Interface EAP*Integral EAP*



Magellan BH

Please ask about (or call) other insurances. We can provide a billing statement for reimbursement to you by your plan, often at 60-80% of your out-of-pocket expense. Single-case agreements are sometimes available. Sliding scale rates may be requested.

For more information on insurance or financial matters, feel free to consult with your therapist directly at 512.356.9238. Thank you!

Please call the number for Behavioral/Mental Health or EAP Services listed on your insurance card for instructions, then provide the following:

  1. Client and Insured’s identification number/Group number, and Authorization number.
  2. Insurance Company, type (EAP or Mental Health benefit), Authorization Start-date, Deductible amount/Deductible satisfied? Please bring your insurance card to your initial session.
  3. Also bring nformation given by your insurance company about number of sessions now authorized, copayment required, coinsurance, as well as the specific billing address and telephone number of the insurance carrier.

If you have not met your deductible, insurance contract rate fee is due at each session until it is satisfied. We will file a billing to apply to it, advise of nonpayment, and bill you for it via Paypal Invoicing.

My deductible is $_____________________. It is not satisfied/satisfied (circle one).

My copay is: __________________________. My payment today is:____________________.

Please advise immediately of changes in your insurance plan or benefits, ID numbers, and/or employment. Thanks!

G. Fee Schedule for Services

Please offer your copay or self-pay session fee at the start of each visit. Thank you.

Individual Appointment (50-60 minutes): 120.
Initial Intake Appointment, all types (60-70 minutes): 140.
Couples, Family Therapy (50-60 minutes): 120.
Group Therapy (90853, 90 minutes) 30.
Calls/Letters/Forms Requested by Client in writing 60.
Gottman Couples Assessment and Four Sessions 700.
Prepaid Block/ Ten Sessions Couples' or Individual 980.
Late Cancellation Fee, less than 24 hr. notice by telephone
(generates an autoEbill from Paypal to your email.)

Checks should be made out to Lovejoy Relationships or Susan Bramlette, LMFT. Mailing address: 11615 Angus Rd., Austin, TX 78759 Thank you!

We accept cash, check, debit , or VISA/MC payment via Paypal or Square, which can be invoiced via email (convenient for HSA accounts) or paid by telephone, per your request. Your preferred email:__________________.


_______(initial) If I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, I will give 24 hours advance notice at: 512.356.9238 or pay the missed appointment fee of $30. via email request on Paypal.

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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in Austin (183 and Duval), 10 a.m.- 8 p.m..

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