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Payment for:

Your office copay is due at time of service.  Please prepare and present upon arrival. Thank you.

Payment can be made by:

  1. cash ,
  2. check , or by
  3. Square terminal Visa, MC, Discover card.
  4. Credit card you designate at intake appointment or place on file.
  5. Paypal account. You can easily pay fees for service via credit card by adding the amount to be paid (copay, session, or resource) into the cart in increments of five dollars until you reach the balance.

Questions about a fee or billing matter? We bill carefully, but errors can happen. Please feel free to phone 512.356.9238, 503.956.5144 or email [email protected] and we'll reply as quickly as possible. We appreciate you. Thanks!

Download Your Relationship Tools PDF (From menu, above)

Get on course and go the distance together with these seven essential tools for relationship success:

Tool 1. Celebrate, Cultivate, Care, Communicate:
The Notebook

Tool 2. Communicate:
Our Daily “Check-In”

Tool 3. Celebrate:
“Sacred Space,” Our Weekly Date

Tool 4.
Care: Our 1:1 Workout: “Connecting Time”

Tool 5.
Our Couples’ Therapy Hour

Tool Six.
Cultivate: Our Monthly “State of the Union” Budget Review/ Goal Planning

Tool Seven.
Aim for “The Magic Five Hours”

Ready, Set, Go …

Download Your Relationship Tune-Up Power Point Presentation (From menu, Home page)

Suitable for group presentations with couples and couples therapists, this .ppx contains the same great topics listed above.

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